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October 2023
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Saving early for retirement and why is compound interest so important?

How to Save Early for Retirement and Benefit from Compound Interest

Are you dreaming of retiring early and enjoying life on your own terms? If so, you need to start saving for retirement as soon as possible. Saving early for retirement and compound interest are the keys to achieving financial independence and security. In this blog post, we will explain why saving early for retirement and compound interest are crucial, and how you can start your journey with Prift - your personal financial assistant.

What is compound interest and why is it important?

Compound interest is the interest earned on your initial savings and the reinvested earnings. Compound interest is a powerful force that can make your money grow exponentially over time. For example, if you invest £10,000 at age 25 and earn an average annual return of 7%, you will have about £149,000 by age 65. However, if you invest the same amount at age 35, you will have only about £76,000 by age 65. That's a difference of £73,000!

Compound interest is important because it helps you achieve your retirement goals faster and easier. It also helps you enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your money is working hard for you, even when you are not.

How to save early for retirement

Saving early for retirement means that you can save less each month and still reach your retirement goals. It also means that you can have more options and flexibility in your life. By building a solid retirement nest egg, you can enjoy more freedom and control over your finances and lifestyle.

Here are some steps you can take to start saving early for retirement:

- Set a realistic retirement goal based on your desired lifestyle and expenses
- Create a budget and track your income and spending
- Pay off any high-interest debts as soon as possible
- Save at least 10% to 15% of your income for retirement
- Take advantage of employer-sponsored retirement plans
- Increase your savings rate whenever you get a raise or bonus
- Review your progress regularly and adjust your plan as needed

Prift is launching a financial well-being solution that combines all your finances in one place, forecasts your financial future and provides personalised financial guidance along the way. Helping you achieve your financial goals quicker.

Watch this space and look for more helpful financial tips from our Blog page.

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